Time To Blossom Diamond Place

International Champion FCI
Dutch Champion
Belgium Champion
German Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Dutch Youth Champion
Sauerland Siegerin'07
YouthWinster Ams'07 & Winster Ams'07
Rheinland Siegerin'08
Brussels Winner'08
Brabo Winner'09
2x Qualified for Crufts 2009
Seize 31 cm, 5.2 kg (12.2 inch, 11.5 lbs)
Sire Paradise Bird von Shinbashi
Dam Zsa Zsa Gabor Fantasy Island


I got Blossom as a birthday present from Manuela, from Diamond Place where I also bought Zazou. Blossom stole everyones heart as soon as she came in. All dogs adore her, she is such a sweety in the house. She is the easiest pup I have ever had, she listens really wel to everything. Truly an amazing gift! Blossom loves towels, socks laying around and all other fabricks to play around with...

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