First Jolie Little Champs

Nederlands Jeugd Kampioen
Seize 29 cm, 4,3 kg (11.4 inch, 8.8 lbs)
ECVONormal 2008
Sire Oriental Jokes Secret d'Etat
Dam Oriental Jokes Uncredible Star


The full brother of Jolie was the first chinese crested I fell in love with. I was supposed to buy him, but due to the circumstances that did not happen. I have always been sorry about that. When I looked at Little Champs website and I saw that exactly the same parents had a litter I did not hesitate for a moment. She is such a sweet little thing... and she steals everyones heart. Jolie is spayed and lives with Patrick and Sonja, her new forever home. Thank you for all the love you have given her 2005-2024 - All rights Reserved